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The Investment


"Landing a job within finance will involve numbers, but it's the words before that count"

The Service

Apart from you, your CV is the gateway to your new job, perhaps that 'dream' job. So surely it's got to be perfect?

That's where we come in....

Whether you're a graduate with little experience, or a seasoned finance professional looking for new opportunities, we'll ensure that your CV has what it needs, in all the right places.

Sounds simple? It is! Here's how we work....

  • Send us an E-mail

    Nothing too complex. Tell us a bit about yourself, and attach your CV.

  • The edit

    We'll send your CV back to you with the proposed changes. We can see if this works and take it in the right direction. That's the beauty, it's bespoke to you.

  • the review

    After the changes have been made and you're happy with the final version, we'll send you a small bill.

  • we're done!

    You'll have your CV back to you the same way it was sent to us, via e-mail!

Why Vitae-Edit?

"Having worked for one of the largest international finance recruitment companies, I know CV's. I know what works, and I know what doesn't. Landing a job within finance will involve numbers, but it's the words before that count!"

"With a wealth of knowledge in finance and recruitment, as well as some reputable consultants to pass your completed CV's on to, I'm confident we'll be able to assist with your career move." - George Egford, Founder.

We Understand Your Needs

Having a CV that is bespoke to the industry is vital when competing in a saturated recruitment market, and even more so, the role you're applying for.

Vitae-Edit isn't a writing service, this is a specialist editing service that brings the best out of your skills, and more importantly, you.

Welcome to Vitae-Edit.....

The Blog

We're here to help, and so is our blog.

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